MC PeeCee


I have a lot of brilliant ideas, but this wasn’t one of them. MC PC was an attempt at turning my computer into a rap superstar. I remember having this idea, but I don’t recall ever producing this short sample.

Vocals: MC PeeCee

Beats: Me

Again, I don’t remember making this demo, but here are the lyrics as I can make them out:

I defecate on the mic and bring you all to tears
I got the WTF sounds that’s freakin’ music to your ears
I stage a no holds barred ??gorillatripledeck??
try to shoot me down but I ain’t takin’ no flak
this is MC PC rocking the house
but when I’m in sleep mode I be quiet like a mouse
I got the 1337 skillz because I am a fucking computer
and I’ll pass you by like you’re a Sunday commuter