Howl & Moan

2002- 2004

This was my first band ever, and I wasn’t even a musician before I met Sal. I happened to have an old electric bass I got in trade for some computer work and Sal taught me the basics enough to play some covers and then a bunch of his original material. I thought we were pretty good, but we couldn’t hold on to a drummer to save our lives. I was also like, 5x the flake of a person I am now and was a terrible room mate. The lesson: band mates and room mates DO NOT MIX! Much love to Sal tho; we might have different sized heads, but we’re still brothers.

Guitar and Vocals: Erin “Quickdraw” McGraw, aka Sally Jenko, aka E Z Waters

Bass Guitar and backing vocals: Me

Drums: Dean the Unmachine, Kris “Huge Helen Hunt” Wiederman, Fill the Drummer


no use in getting worked up over all the old details,
it always turns out the same.
i’ll be here tomorrow, come joy or sorrow,
it’s all just part of the game.

we all have different size heads… x4

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