Desert Sage (FKA1.618)

2011 – Present

While still living in Flagstaff, but visiting Tucson, Steve played me the first song he had ever written in the 20 years he has been playing guitar. It was about his dead dog, but I liked it anyway and encouraged him to keep at it. By the time I moved back he had written four or five songs and they weren’t bad either, so I invited him over and alternately played bass or drums along with his guitar and vocals. Then we got a drummer and I picked up bass full time. Then we lost a drummer and gained a percussionist. Then we gained a drummer AND a lead guitar. Suddenly we sounded pretty awesome, or so we think anyway. We’re seeking gigs if you got ’em.

R. Guitar and Vocals: Steve Hiscox

Bass, Harmonica, and Vocals: Me

L. Guitar: Rob Somethingorother

Percussion: Kevin Anderson (but not Kevin J. Anderson, which would be waaaay cooler)

Drums: Tommy Hardy (2012-2014), of Pasta Rocket fame, and Zak Seasly (current).

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