2010 – 2010

This band was never going to go anywhere, mostly because Mike’s organ weighed a ton. Read that sentence again, lol. Anyway, it was fun and we made beautifully ugly music together–Frankensong is possibly my favorite song in my repertoire just for the pompous silliness of it. I think this was also the point where Doss snapped from drumming too much (I had him working on 3 projects with me at one point) and the music went dark for a long while. Or maybe it was me.

‘Frankensong’ was so named because it is actually a mish-mash of three of my earlier compositions. It’s ambitious to say the least. Cuts off at the end, but I guess this is the only surviving recording:

Guitars and Vocals: Me

Crazy Fucking Church Organ and founder of the PEN15 fan club: Mike “Milky” Johnson

Drums: Brandon Doss


I’m feeling lost and I can’t be found
I tried too hard and it ran me down
well no one’s immune to that old trick
it makes me laugh and it makes me sick

something for nothing is all we want
we reach for the stars but they’re too far off
is this a part of god’s evil scheme
we call it a life but we’re living a dream

what am i to do?
what am i supposed to say?
when it’s all been said before?
and up against the wall
a past made out of stone
with nowhere left to turn

terminate my soul
venonate my mind
the game has gotten old
a pandect made of lies
headlong through the unknown
seeking anodyne
a race out of control
and running out of time

broken mirrors, seven years; luck i lack desire for
consequence, obstinence; who’s keeping score?
wake the dead, out of bed, wear camouflage
Mary, Mary solitary, sick and sycophantic slob

pandering, diplomacy; what is it for?
do not see, wounds that bleed; no metaphor?
nonsense, words i speak; from harsh experience
with my last breath i’ll fight the fucking pigs to their deliverance

stop the world cause I want off
not doing is done its all for naught
but gravity holds my feet fast
if I’m gonna be forced I don’t want to be last

I’m scared to death of being scared
I care too much but I don’t care
dichotomy keeps me afloat
tip the balance and tip the boat

the words we speak are simply sounds
the world we seek is all around
mysterious how sweet the sound
it lifts us up and brings us down

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