2004 – 2007

Alone in the world and “between homes” I started writing more material but had no band to produce them. I came up with a lot of good ideas in this period, most of which are lost in time.

Guitar and Vocal: Me

Drums: Typically the pre-canned beats in my little Korg 4 Track


lost in a world of mystery
I don’t know where I am
I’ve hit the sky and shaken off/up
I’ve hit the ground again*

it seems so strange sometimes
I think I’ll lose my mind
numb I’m carried away
into another day
but without all this strife
I wouldn’t feel alive

this place could use some cleaning up
but who the hell am I
say stay the same is not enough
to stand the test of time

and through a drunken disguise
I can’t believe my eyes
you’re crying out for help
why don’t you help your selves
the only way to stay sane
is throw it all away

lost in a world of misery
who the hell am I
I’ll be the one who is beaten up
until the day I die

and through my drunken disguise
I think I’ve lost my mind
tried calling out for help
so I’ll just help myself
to except all the blame
is the only way to stay sane

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