MrTransistor was not a music project but the pen-name I adopted when I was into writing poetry. Why inlcude it here? Well, I started writing poetry before I ever picked up a guitar or made any kind of music, but the style I developed as a poet strongly influenced my future lyrics and the poetry itself was written with a rhythm and meter shaped by my musical influences at the time (specifically Maynard James Keenan and Serj Tankian). So, while my poetry wasn’t music in a literal sense it was in every other way to me. MrTransistor was also the first alter-ego I adopted, establishing a long list of pseudonyms I have gone by over the years.

In short, it isn’t music but this is what my music grew out of.

(EK – struh – kayt)
i came home last night to a houseĀ of flames,
my possessions and hangups ablaze with fury.
i watched in awe as photos of forgotten moments
fed joy and sorrow and angst and lust to the fire.
all that i was disintegrated before my hollow eyes.
i became less and less of a person every moment,
and soon i would not be a person any longer.
i would become just another vagrant, ronin,
no belongings, no past, no home.
nothing left to hold me back.
slowly, i return the lighter to my breast pocket.