Worser Than You

2007 – Present

Worser Than You is essentially my solo act, but distinct from Otiose in that I had grown a little as a musician and started getting better jobs that allowed me to afford better equipment, chiefly an iMac running GarageBand. The “style”, as indicated by my first and only album title, was a little bit of everything with heavy focus on trying anything out as long as it was fun. So if you think you hear a clothes dryer in the background, you do, and what’s more I put it there on purpose. I <3 Lo-Fi, but I also have a secret past as a raver, so there is plenty of fooling around with electronic beats and synths too, which I have referred to as my “electric doodle phase”.

This is maybe one of my favorite personal compositions. I’m weirdly proud of it.

It’s All: Me (Baby)


the rules of engagement are entangled in estrangement
and the power to the people’s not a promise, just a statement
it takes eyes to realize that it’s evil in disguise
mesmerize and hypnotize, don’t surrender to their lies
big and small cite the passage, see the writing on the wall
struggle over spell of power, get your ass out of the mall
you see the impact of your effort, no decision has been made
sell your soul for higher profits and fewer choices in the trade

everybody do the wake up, set your soul on fire

essentially eagerly consuming all our energy
a sacrifice will not suffice, still we’re playing with our lives
a legacy of quality, truer words will never be
we don’t trust, give into lust, as we fall into the sea

sticking, kicking, quick n’ slick and
burning yearning, never learning
smoking dope and neck in rope
mind is slipping, sick and tripping
keep on drinking never thinking
the devil’s eyes are always winking
and you never see the light until the fucking ship is sinking

(if you can make out what i’m saying at the end, props!)

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