2009 – 2011

A cover band, so not much music to post here (i don’t want to get sued by the big 3). I met these guys randomly at a party while I was living in Flagstaff. We did 90s rock like Silverchair, Tool, Toadies, and, much to my dismay, Pearl Jam. Despite that, we had a good time and Doss is still one of the best drummers I’ve ever played with to date. Oh, MPOMC stands for Mary Pissed On My Chest.

This is a cover of a Bob Dylan song, and my favorite song to play with MPOMC:

R. Guitar and Lead Vocals: Michael “My name isn’t Fritz” Fritschie

L. Guitar and Sometimes Vocals: Me

Bass: Blake “has the worst luck with women and sidewalks” Vaughn

Drums and energy: Brandon Doss

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